Family/Pet Safe Pest Service

Eco-Friendly - Guaranteed for 90 Days

If the Pests come back, we will too.

The Pest Assured team is 100% committed to providing safe, effective pest programs for your family and business. Our expertise allows us to provide Eco-Friendly, Integrated Pest Management practices, with zero tolerance for pest activity.

Specific Treatment Protocols include:

Pest Assured Eco-Friendly - Integrated Pest Management Practices

Inspection/Identification – every service includes a comprehensive inspection to allow for prescriptive type of service.

Physical Removal – pests found on the inspection are physically removed (vacuum, sweeping) to eliminate activity.

Source Specific Targeted Applications – eliminates pest activity in and around the home by treating the source of the pest issue(s).

Structural Repairs and Source Elimination – minor caulking, sealing and proofing of the structure is performed to prevent future pest entry. Harborage/breeding sites are eliminated.

Prescriptive/Proactive Applications – based on inspection findings, preventative applications are performed, i.e. door thresholds, eaves, granular baiting.

Monitoring and Follow up – insect monitors are strategically placed to allow for monitoring and prevention of future activity. Follow up services are performed to ensure elimination.


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    Wall voids in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry area treated.

    Crack and crevice applications – odorless materials.

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    Bait applied into crevices in cabinetry and sink areas.

    Bait applied under appliances and cabinetry.

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    Physical removal of pest activity found during service.

    Strategic placement of insect monitoring devices.

    Attic space and crawl space application as needed.


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    Sweep down eaves, soffits, doors and windows to remove spiders/wasps.

    Clear drying residual application to eaves, soffits, doors and window areas to prevent pest entry.

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    Perimeter application performed to mulch beds and potential pest harborage areas using granular baits and residual applications.

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    Minor structural repairs, caulking, sealing and proofing of the structure are performed.

    Garage area treated with residual and bait applications to prevent pest activity.

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